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Who Are We?


The First Idea

In June of 2006 I was working at Whaler's Cove Resort, Poipu, Kauai Hawai'i which is right on the pacific oceans doorstep. I would go and Stand Up Paddle out the front, Marianne the manager said that I looked like I was "walking on water" so I thought what a great name for a business WOW Walk On Water....(Thank you Marianne Martin.)

I saw the potential of Stand Up Paddle as anyone from the young to old, unfit to very fit, water sport experienced or novice could do it and you don't need to know how to surf to really enjoy it.

So in May 2007 we began to manufacture custom paddle/surf boards from 7'6" to 12'0" and paddle race boards 12'6" &14'0" flat water and down wind ocean boards... light and fast is our signature secret.

We continue to research the best high tech composite materials to be able to create some of the most up to date innovative boards available on today's market.

Our motto for our designs: Always ever changing like the ocean.

Made by a surfer who paddles and a paddler who surfs Warwick Gray.

Where We've Been So Far

The business started in March 2007 in New Zealand while on a surfing trip and to visit family.

After we returned back to Hawaii the research and development began in earnest as the potential and interest in Stand Up Paddle surfing was beginning to grow.

We took a 10-day trip to Bali in June 2007 where 'Impossibles' was made possible on our WOW Stand Up Paddleboard (which had never been done before). Marroke, a French photographer shot some amazing pictures of me riding in 3' to 20' waves, which we made a swap for before we left. (He got to keep the paddleboard and we got the photos)

Back to Hawaii where we went into full production to be prepared to go back to NZ for the launch of our business Walk On Water Stand Up SurfBoards NZ Ltd at the annual 'Big Boy's Toy Show' in Auckland. This is where we met up with and sold a board to one of NZ's top long board riders "MoonBob" Paul Culpman who later on became our 1st WOW team rider.

We flew back to Hawaii to pick up some more boards to prepare to join with the 'Hyundai Long Board Tour' 2008 and introduce Stand Up Paddle surfing to some of NZ's finest long board surfers, with expression sessions and our WOW SUP boards to buy.

The first leg of the competition was at Papamoa in the Bay of Plenty and ended at Port Waikato. The Noosa long board festival was between the Christchurch and Kiakoura events so we jumped on a plane with our boards and headed over there for a couple of weeks where we introduced our WOW SUP boards to a few Australian's.

Then back to NZ to complete the 'Hyundai Long Board Tour 2008'.

With the tour finished and an interested stir from the kiwi riders and a few more of them getting up and giving stand up a try, we flew back to Hawaii for more research and development; designs were changing as time was moving on.

We have been back to NZ every year for the annual 'Hyundai Long Board Tour', NOW called the 'Hyundai Pro Tour' since 2011 as there is a Stand Up division & a Stand Up Long Distance Race SO YES there are definitely a few more people now STANDING UP in NZ...

Now we have a line of production WOW SUP Boards all hand shaped & glassed being shipped to NZ, Australia & here in Hawaii.

I'm continuing to manuafacture custom WOW Stand Up Paddle/Surf Boards and with the increase of SUP Racing around the world I also now make custom WOW Race SUP's 12'6" and 14'0", as I love to long board I have added a select range of WOW competition long boards to the quiver Home Grown here in Hawai'i.

Lorelei Dann



Lorelei she's the managing director...

Working for 25yrs plus in hospitality and tourism specializing in Eventing...sports, weddings, parties anything...making your dreams a reality!

Also an intuitive healer working with several modalities 'awakening your memories'

Named after a mermaid (thanks Dad) my love for water goes without saying and to find someone who loves the water as much as me WOW that is just awesome...


Warwick Gray


Warwick he's the research and development guy...

Started surfing as a kid my first ride was hand shaped 9'6" in our garage thanks to Graeme 'Mags' Magna and my Dad...what a beauty!  Wooden rails, foam core and a 'hot stuff devil' painted on the nose.   My love for long boards begins...

My youth was spent surfing for the Waihi Beach Board Riders under the watchful eyes of Tony Ogilvy, Steve Sale and Doc Cooper.

Left NZ to go traveling in 1975 working on ski fields all through Australia, Canada and the United States, settled down in San Francisco in the Bay Area to raise a family before heading to Kauai Hawaii 1992 where I live today still surfing, designing, creating, manufacturing & competing on my own quiver of WOW boards.

Together we 'Walk On Water' throughout the Pacific and beyond living our dream.