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The WOW team… 

RockRoadie-219x300Rock Star or Roadie??? Not in this lifetime…Lorelei she’s the Managing Director, Warwick he’s the Head of Research & Development guy
Together we are WOW (Walk On Water) SUP Hawaii LLC.


There are a few shout outs for our WOW family, crew and WOW team riders…

Rose & Milton Dann R.I.P Huon Gray R.I P 

Sian Faith Gold Coast Australia, Aaron & Hunter Dann Wellington, Marchelle & Trinity Dann (Miss Boo) Plimmerton, Mum & Jones Waihi Beach, Alistair & Sasha Leah Gray Ohakune, Jane, Kevin N Cassandra Kinghan Waikino, Bruce, Jenny Sam & Jenna Gray Dana Point, California, USA, Kelly Knoor San Diego, USA, James Gray Portland, USA.

Marianne Martin For our business name “WALK ON WATER” Theodore (Teddy) at Hawaiian Stand Up in Kalaheo for the first designs we made & the great coffee…Alex Wallace and Monsieur Paul Commerford The Bay Area San Francisco for your much-appreciated Art Words…Johnny Boy from King Mac Blanks for our first ever WOW SUP blanks…ANTMAN (Anthony Brown) you RULE, it was your fin placement that sold me love you Antman, wife Jesse and daughter Zoë...The Bali Crew at ‘Wishful Living” thanks Penny & Parker…Also Wayan Tattoo our friend & driver…the old crew at Island Art Graphic’s Tim, Kristie & Randy Bain… Chris from Expressive Designs Honolulu Steve Monk (Honolulu) & Mitch (Hanalei) from Island Fin Design Dave Andrews North Shore Kauai… Kenny D (Ken Denton) excellent friend, sounding board and international board packer…Chris Chaveau for picking up our van “Morrison” and delivering it to Ohakune...The team at NZ Surf Greg Townsend, Ben Kennings, Steve Ria for allowing us to join the Hyundai LongBoard Tour 2008 we had so much fun, and Richard for your aroha Rupert & Wendy Newbold from Ocean Beach thanks for sharing your beautiful space and for giving Stand Up a go…Carrie our Graphic Artist This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. you are my angel, I email you with stuff & voila!!! You fix it.

Plus all of the people we met on the Hyundai Long Board Tour & around NZ while we were introducing our Stand Up Boards 2007-2011…DougE TeRunga Waihi Beach, Trevor & Jenny Waihi Beach, Siwan N Gareth ‘Hot Pipi Café’ Waihi Beach for the early morning coffees, the girls at the ‘Katz Pyjama’s’ Katikati for our “rockstar N roadie?”  Rod & Leroy Rust & the crew from the Otago LongBoard Club, Alan Ashworth ‘Slide Magazine’, Brian Burl photograger, Kerry Bennet Exit Surf Christchurch, the beautiful Jenny with her coffee truck Makorori Beach, Grant Cockcrane for storing our SUP’s while we went to the Noosa Festival 2008.


Marshall McCready our friend & USA advisor.  Mahalo for your confidence in our WOW adventure.

Bruce Pleas Kekaha Westside Kauai our WOW glasser, nice finish.

Michael Stace our WOW Web designer thank you for all of your work for us in NZ and the USA.

Randy Bain aka Chongolio (Face Book page CHONGOLIO (chon-go-lee-oh)) Kauai Hawaii for all of the graphic design you do for us re business cards, handouts, brochures, party invites, logo work & clothing print work.

Fawne & Sebastian our Photographic Artists North shore Kauai check out their (Face Book Page Sea Light Studios)

Doug E TeRunga & Dr Mal WAIHI BEACH NZ our SUP Surf research guy’s

Arrin Clark & his boys with Ara Moana Adventures WHANGAREI NZ

Bhavesh Ranchhod & his Staff at Accounting for Success, WAIHI, NZ

Chris N Gus Business Decisions Hawaii Inc our Hawaiian accounting firm

Mike from Coast Signs WAIHI BEACH NZ

Deon Boonzaire & his girls North shore Auckland NZ for being the all round WOW support in NZ 

Also a BIG Mahalo to our Chinese families

“MoonBob” & Sasha WOW team riders look for them in the “MoonLander” with Fred & Mopar the wonder dogs… out of the Orewa LongBoard Club AUCKLAND NZ

Rochelle Ballard WOW Team Rider Sunset Beach North shore Oahu

Armie Armstrong from RAGLAN NZ & Hawaiian WOW team rider

Miss Trinity Boo (9) our youngest NZ WOW team rider keep an eye on her for progress in and around Wellington & Plimmerton NZ

Distributors contact details check on the Distributors Tab

“MoonBob” & Sasha“