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A Big Aloha and Welcome to Walk On Water Stand Up Surf!

From the State of Surf & Sunshine, the Hawaiians have been Stand Up Paddle (SUP) surfing since the “Honolulu beach boy’s in the 60’s…
Now it is sweeping the world!

Stand Up Paddle surfing is the fastest growing water sport since the wind surfer and it is evolving quickly.

Today with a growing number of surfers addicted to this hybrid sport, and with the advent of new Stand Up Paddle boards and lightweight paddles, we are seeing more Stand Up Paddle surfers in the water with Stand Up Paddle competitions and Stand Up Paddle racing happening now throughout the World.

Used as the ultimate cross-trainer, Stand Up Paddling utilizes all of the muscle groups working from your feet up to your neck. It’s an all round bodywork out, it uses the core muscles to improve balance, strength and endurance. Stand Up Paddling offers the best training benefits of all the surfing/water sport disciplines

Stand Up Paddle surfing is cool yet also very demanding. Hence our phrase: Hana Me Kualike (done with balance) — both in the water with fellow surfers and on the board itself.

Experienced surfers find Stand Up Surfing enables them to get out into the surf faster and farther. They can stay out beyond the normal line-up and catch waves before anyone else.

Stand Up Surfing is a gas in 1–2 foot and up to 15–20 foot waves as shown in pictures shot in Bali on our first trip down there (below) or flat water cruising our coastal waterways, coves, lakes and estuaries.

“It’s an amazing sensation the incredible workout and where it takes you…you’re standing tall, gliding in the water and there is just something about that feeling. It’s why we love to surf, and with Stand Up Surfing you don’t even need waves”.

Remember…look up stay up

WOW SUP Hawaii is proud to bring some of the finest most innovative Stand Up Paddle surfboards, Race SUP’s, Paddles and Accessories all the way from our home in Hawaii to your home.



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